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profiler heads sbc build Can use 23 degree rocker assembly. BB Spread Port Conversion Kits 555-632. These Cylinder heads flow and work like you wont believe. Best Quality Replacement Engine For Your Chevrolet Approximate Horsepower: 700 3-Year "Best In The Business" Unlimited Mileage Manufacturer's Warranty This big block Chevrolet uses a high-performance World iron engine block, cast in the USA, Pro-Filer high-flow aluminum cylinder heads, forged crankshaft, H-beam rods, and custom forged pistons. Only at www. 1969 3927186 single head dated A-27-9 $500 1969 3927186 single head dated F-3-9 Our sample engine build is a 565-ci big-block Chevy based around a Dart Big M cylinder block and Dart Big Chief Pro 1 aluminum cylinder heads. 600 . In some cases, we may offer 2 different CNC ported versions such as our Stage 3 ported LA or magnum Edelbrock heads, and the BigMouth heads with pushrods moved over to widen the port at the pushrod restriction and increase the port volume. 560 bore 13:1 cr Profiler heads ported by C. 5" outlaw, twin turbo, or any all out big block then this is the head for you! This is THE NOS head to have . I have a set on my SBC. 800" deck height with profiler heads 10. This engine is equipped with the NEW SR20 Aluminum heads from BRODIX teamed with BRODIX valve covers and a raised deck BRODIX intake manifold along with a 1475 DOMINATOR ULTRA HP carburetor. 2097 Bart Ave. C $807. Makes 525-550hp. Profiler SBC heads Login Questions, 1. 5:1 with iron heads or you can get by with 11. A 406 cubic inch small block is one of the most popular choices for Chevy powered sportsman drag racers seeking strong reliable power at reasonable cost. On a impulse move I ordered a pair of Pro-Filer 195cc 2. 550” Dual Spring, 240# @ Seat. Eagle cast steel 3. I have formatted each cylinder heads information into individual files for use with different versions of DeskTop Dyno, DynoSim, Comp Cams CamQuest program, Dynomation Versions 4 and 5 and Performance Trends Engine Analyzer. The Rings - Rings are from Total Seal. The cam will maximize RAM Effect and fill cylinder for increase VE. Click image to enlarge. 470 Springs (CC 977-16 Upgrade) 7/16 Studs . 6 ratio to be used with the AFR heads. 60 350 4 Bolt, 1pc . My Chevy Iron 990 heads flowed 350/230 @ . 030 over Air Flow Detail #176X SBC CNC All American Head - 235cc Runner. FLOTEK is a leading brand of aluminum high-performance cylinder heads. ProMAXX Performance has designed a complete new line of performance heads that meet or exceed the big names in the industry. Quick View. 6). 200 145 107. Sporting no less than 572 cubes, this BBC stroker needed plenty of airflow to feed all those extra inches. Head $18995. 300 245 169. Sized to nestle into the 350 to 383 to 406-ci small-block displacement range, these heads are intended to produce a street-friendly broad RPM power band. 200 to . 5 Intake and 1. Bad ass for sure!!!! 434 Small Block Chevy - Assembled Long Block Price; Motown block Ohio Crankshaft 4340 400x 4. Nov 17, 2020 · A cylinder head is much more than a casting that tops off the block, holds the valves and forms the combustion chambers. Kaase P-51 Cylinder Heads 06/16/2020 . 5 and 4. Roller . If you're interested in the combinations below please contact the shop listed with each build. It features airflow basics Pro-Filer Performance Products, New Carlisle, OH. 94" intake and 1. 02 x 3. 900 1969 3927186 small block chevy heads dated E-20-9 and E-28-9 $850. The RFD15 is the most bad azz 15º head available for big inch small blocks. 1L cylinder head on the market. Our latest adventure involves a quick test of eight pairs of small block Chevy heads tantalizingly priced at less than $1,000 to find the best small block Chevy heads on a 572 BBC-ProMaxx Heads Big motors make big power, and nothing thumps out power like a big-block Chevy, except an even bigger one. 8:1 Mach. com. In this episode, we  All American Small Block Chevy 23 Degree Racing Cylinder Heads by Pro-Filer Performance 176 Series. 1 Crower Billet steel Rods, Pro-Filer 12 Racing Heads, Weinle Motorsports Sheet Metal Intake, Pro-Systems Dominators 1400HP Call for Special Pricing! 678 cid BB/C This is a 632ci, 1178hp race motor with BRODIX'S newest, and maybe most powerful, offering. Jan 08, 2009 · Re: 15 degree heads vs 18 you talking about building a small displacement SBC, right? That limits the maximum compression ratio that you'll be able to get. "I can't do any better (23º SBC) so why not get them from the guy that has done all the R&D to make them produce power"- Darin Morgan "The burr/ported manifold made just over 10hp more at 6900 and an average of 7hp more from 6300 to 7600. i play with diff. Kit includes: Dart Big Chief or Pro-FIler Intake, Dart Big Chief 14° & 18°, Big Duke 18° or Pro Filer 12° Heads, Jessel Shaft Rockers, Aluminum Sheet Metal Valve Covers, Cyl Head Stud Set, Wiseco / JE Pistons, Speed Pro Rings, Clevite Bearings, Custom Ground Camshaft (4/7 swap), Comp Cams Lifter Set, . Flow measured at 28" of depression. No problem. ,Straight Plug New drag racing motor - 825 HP 421ci SBC. BES / BBF C&C PRO 18 Heads - Flow Numbers Intake: Exhaust. As with the 20º heads, these too will require specific parts. 05/1. 02? and 1. This set has a . Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head $429. I know most people recommend running 195s on 355 builds but thought I would get more opinions. straight plug only. bought BBF Pro Filer degree Victor BBC the 15 amp 18 degree SBC wedge heads the  Chevy Performance offers several small block engine cylinder heads to the overall cost of building and maintaining a Small-Block Chevrolet racing engine. 99) Compression 13. Founded in 2007, we offer an extensive selection of cylinder heads for Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC performance engines. For a cam you need to call us at Straub Technologies for one of the new Clay Smith hyd rollers. These heads have been machined for the Roush Yates rocker stand pattern. Sep 01, 2013 · We're also dealers for a number of other cylinder heads and can break down the difference between AFR heads and the others to select the right head for you. Their 185cc heads out perform the dart shp 200 heads and comparible edelbrock heads. 050 Headers 1 7/8" step to 2" w/3 1/2" collectors 16" long Superflow 901 dyno The Pistons - Forged ICON Pistons that deliver 10. COMP CAMS Hyd Roller Cam Advertised Duration 293-299. 5 stroke / 4. Cylinder Heads Drysump Systems / Parts Home > Store > Intake Manifolds > Big Block Chevy Intakes. Home. Below you find a list of hand selected small block chevy dyno results from the nations best engine builders. 1957 58 59 Chevy V8 283 Power Pack Cylinder Heads SBC GM Canada Factory original McKinnon cylinder heads, single camel hump from small block V8 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 283 power pack 4 barrel, used stagger bolt pattern valve /rocker covers. Careful planning and the right mix of parts can push the power close to 700 HP without exotic or costly components. 00 Flo-Tek 101505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Head, Angle Plug $429. 5” EX $15 383 SBC 516 HP 521 TQ racy idle 87 octane Street Build starting at $2,820 (tri > morristown) This turbo header build kit has everything you need to bring those small block Ford Windsor custom turbo headers together. Great heads. The “right” cylinder head on an engine will deliver […] Nov 17, 2020 · The company says its Flo-Tek Chevy 350 heads is comparable to Summit’s SMU-162111 cylinder heads and comes with 180cc intake runners, 64 cc combustion chambers, angled or straight plug, 2. lbs on 93 pump Dec 07, 2017 · The final result was 290 cfm on the intake for the Profiler heads. PRO-FILER 176 Series SBC 185 to 210 cc Aluminum Heads $1649. dip stick and pulleys New distributor Came out of a 1975 Chevy C20 truck Never run fresh build I bought thia to put it in my 1979 z28 in Small Block Chevy cylinder heads SBC 1. Using highly efficient port designs and state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes, Edelbrock cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top-end horsepower. The maximum size for these holes are . 3V Performance carries small block Chevy cylinder heads, big block Chevy cylinder heads, LS cylinder heads, and small block Ford cylinder heads. 750 crank and 5. These heads are fully CNC ported and have our priority racing valve job. Featuring a precision machined aircraft quality A355-T6 casting the CFE 15 degree head is available with a multitude of application specific CNC porting options engineered to maximize the power output of your combination. Flow numbers on 4. Through my research, I am real impressed with Speier heads. Items 26 - 50 of 132 The Brodix BB-2 casting has been a great platform for RFD to build Pro Filer Sniper Big Block Chevy Heads with 290cc Intake Runner, 2. 5 Jun 2020 I want to build the cheapest, least expensive small-block 350 Chevy It's not easy to make 400 hp with a basic 350 Chevy using stock heads. 800” intake or 6. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Modern competition heads usually have heart-shaped combustion chambers to minimize chamber volume and increase the quench area. Building new motor just wondering what you guys think some hp numbers will be. 00 Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy BRODIX B1BA SERIES SMALL BLOCK MOPAR 195/65CC CYLINDER HEAD BARE 3180000. First, they offer the flow capacity that the engine would demand. This fully-roller street performance • Dart Pro 1 345cc Heads w/1. Roller Cam, Pro-Filer Heads, 10. 660, FT or HYD Erson springs. Featuring a World Sportsman iron big block, PBM Profiler 320cc cylinder heads and Profiler intake as well as many other quality PBM products. 8 and 10. Get all the numbers at carcraft. Any brand. 2061 Cnc Aluminum Cylinder Head Small Block Ford 351c W/solid Afr 1402 - $1715. Head bolt sorque sequence The use of studs offers greater clamping force and also requires a torque sequence (and lubricant) as recommended by the manufacturer. Mar 10, 2017 · GM’s 572 Big Block Chevy Muscle Motor Is it still the King of the Hill. 050” valve lift. 5 Degree CNC Heads, Titanium Valves . 400 258 180 70% 0. 700. Get your next pair of AFR cylinder heads at one of the below shops to be sure you have one of the fastest rides at the track. A460 block 4. The Heads - The cylinder heads are a set of (105 cc chambers) AFR 315 cc port CNC heads. Nov 10, 2020 · For the Profiler 12-degree cylinder heads, T&D went with a traditional shaft-mount roller rocker system design. If this is just a street car, I wouldn't spend the money on the AFR's either. BES / Edelbrock Victor 24° BBC Heads; SBC. We Start Every Custom Build Of Our Cylinder Heads With Brand New Brodix Castings And Specifically Selected Components - These Heads Are Never "Factory Assembled"! The Brodix Head Hunter series features 100% CNC porting, raised oval-shaped intake ports and newly designed exhaust ports. 375 bore. 706 Intake Manifold Custom made by Weinle. 94 RCV heads for Big Fords Generation 3 Head flow with SF 600 cnc ported Gunter port Intake . I dont know what duration size would be best, and whether or not a hydraulic roller, or hydr Nov 13, 2015 · Brodix 1021002, Brodix Small Block Chevy IK Series Aluminum Cylinder Heads | Brodix Pro-Filer 23 degree 185 0. Heads have been O-Ringed and Port Matched. 4,307 likes · 8 talking about this. 4. VORTECH Head Units and Kits; Blow Off Valves; Gear Drive; Custom Mounting Brackets. Aug 30, 2013 at 10:23 AM #20 bobkyle2 BAMF club Dec 28, 2010 · The best 2 heads for the money that don't need additional porting and are good for big HP are AFR and Profiler. 180cc will work OK, but will run out of breathe real quick. BR 7™ LS7 Compatible Series Cylinder Heads/12° BR 3™ Series LS3 Compatible Series Cylinder Heads/15° IK® Series Cylinder Heads/23° Race-Rite® Small Block Series/23° Dragon Slayer Series Cylinder Heads/23° Track 1® Series Cylinder Head/23° Head Hunter™ Series/23° 11 X Our 235cc "Competition" heads come with 100% CNC machined intake runners, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. So been looking for some new heads. Brand New. Aug 07, 2014 · These heads produce surprisingly good flow and performance and are suitable for power builds. 7 rods. 562 Small Block Ford Cylinder Head Assembly Kit, 2. 00 crankshaft Ohio Crank 6. For the angled holes, level the head at 10 degrees so that you will be drilling from the intake side of the head down toward the exhaust side. Find Trick Flow® Super 23® 195 Cylinder Heads for Small Block Chevrolet TFS-30410001 at TrickFlow. 300" 201 145 0. Pro-Filer Heads. These come with rockers and pushrods also . Application: Chevrolet Small Block 383ci Anybody know anything about these 210cc Profiler heads? There is a new SBC head coming out pretty soon from Pro-Filer, call them up and talk valves and chrome retainers for 1325. 00 Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads. 300 205 158. 500 . im also sitting on 9sets of small block chevy 49cc cylinder heads from Dart Machinery Inc. my buddy is finishing his 383 sbc. 300 flow – 7 more CFM for 23 deg SBC head 0. Best Bang for your Buck! Dont waste your time or money on rebuilding old Cast Iron units - upgrade now. Bennett Racing CNC Ported Edelbrock GV2 Cylinder Heads are a great choice for a max effort small block Ford. Jesel 60/40 shaft rocker system. So a buddy of mine said i should look at the RHS heads or the Dart SHP aluminum heads. The Brodix IK 200 and the Dart Pro1 200 cc heads are tough to beat. Looking to go the nitrous route now with a good forged assembly. Got mine from Chad Speier racing heads 6 years Oct 29, 2018 · A hot 400 SBC can easily use a head with 200+ cc intake port volume. #D-747-1 for 1995 and earlier GM vehicles with Chevy 262-350 engines. Box: 217 , New Carlisle , OH 45344 Phone: 937-846-1333 Email: info@profilerperformance. I've been researching a bit and have been considering the AFR of course, along with Brodix,Dart Pro 1, Pro-filers,and RHS. 462 is the most-used SBC head casting number out there- at least six different SBC cylinder head casting numbers end in 462, according to 'the books': 3767462 3782462 3814462 3890462 3891462 3990462 CFE offers a 15 degree small block Chevy head specifically designed for use in high horsepower drag racing applications. Fully hard anodized versions available for all out Marine use ! Small block Chevy, 304" endurance engine Bore & stroke 4. Jan 12, 2016 · Every time we think we’ve come to the end of the Mouse motor saga, another good idea crops up, and we’re back beating on this little small block Chevy engine on the dyno. Small Block Ford PRO ACTION™ (Aluminum) Pro Action™ Cylinder Heads, the cornerstone of the RHS® line, are ideal for a variety of performance functions, including hot rods, drag racing, oval track racing and marine applications. Every head or intake I do I try my best to make it the best thing I have done. 600 285 213 75% 0. 05 intakes. That motor, with a messed up tune made 1300 HP. But we’re still talking about a set of heads that will set you back all of $2000 and require a specialty intake manifold and custom headers. Our first test was with a nice streetable 355 build that consistantly hits 408hp/414tq. The Revolution head also offers the best carb to intake valve "Line of Site" of any available small block head. 600 459 316. Our first sheet metal intake manifold was built for a big block Chevy Pro Stock engine in1986. Aluminum heads are available in Edelbrock, Dart, or Pro-Filer heads. Re: Can I put Vortec heads on a 400 sbc 03-02-05 10:31 AM - Post# 638136 In response to grey1961 They can be used on any small block. 5″ BS Nitrous Race Engine The largest and powerful SBC as cast hipped block engine you can purchase without buying a billet block. 080 Chome Moly Pushrods, Complete Gasket Set Small Block with Little M Std. In addition to cylinder heads and intakes Pro-Filer has valve covers available. 300 207 145 70% 0. The first bolt pattern, as measured center-to-center across the exhaust port, is 2. As the SBC heads I still have around needed fair amount of work. 00 Self Racing Head and Engines is owned and operated by Glen and Kevin Self of Durant, Oklahoma. Trick Flow PowerOval® 280 cylinder heads for big block Chevy are an ideal upgrade from factory cast iron heads for street/strip and marine applications. 00. classictrucks. 50 heads. 600" exhaust valve. Except for those older hot rodders among us, the big block Chevy has seemingly been around forever, and there is a reason for this now legendary engine’s long term success. 95 565/582 CI 1050/1080 hp 18° Conv. My builder told me to get a aluminum 200cc intake and 64cc chamber head. With supporting components  SBC 400 CID Engine Package (550 HP) Profiler Aluminum Cylinder Heads, World This engine kit includes everything to build a 400 CID street engine that will  31 Mar 2015 The heads up to about 300 cc from Air Flow Research (AFR), Brodix, Edelbrock, Pro-Filer, and Trick Flow Specialties (TFS) are prime examples. These are stout numbers for a port of nominally 320 cc. b. 6),Straight Plug I've started to save my pennies to purchase the heads for my antique sbc 421" build. 500" 265 206 0. 200" 138 110 0. 055/1. Tested back-to-back on the Creason Racing dyno, the Profilers returned a higher Engine Masters score than the Dart heads, and the combo of slightly lower compression and ALUMINUM heads will allow you to run your 100 octane pump gas easily. RHS® is a proud member of the COMP Performance Group™ Though these heads maintain an outward appearance of conventional heads, they are not. 11 gear is a good addition. 461 heads were great back in the day, but even an entry level aluminum head will put them to shame these days. 5:1 compression Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) For Big Block Chevy w/ 12deg Pro-Filer Heads. RHS recommended a 180 The Brodix Dragon Slayer Heads, dragonslayer heads, we will be using for this blown SBC build running Enderle injection. 300 . Raylar big block Chevy / GMC cylinder heads out flow every 8. Prices starting at: SBC Aluminum Head - $ 500; BBC  11 Jun 2017 Don't know anything about those heads, but the best flowing heads for the money will be Profiler aluminum heads. 500 392 281. This cam was designed for 1. Induction: $3,136 • Profiler Hitman Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold • Profiler 1x4 • Dart Intake Spacer Kit • ½” Carb Spacer SBC SBX 510ci 1650 Hp 4. 800" deck height with profiler heads 13. 050 offset intake rockers for drag race only applications). 75. BES/ Victor NX 18; BES/Dart 230cc 23 deg; BES / TFS SBC 18° Heads; BES / Brodix BD2000 Heads; BES / Brodix GB2000 Head; BES / Dart 15° SBC Pro Stock Heads; BES / All Pro RR245; BES / Pro-filer Air Strike 12° Heads; LS. SBC 210cc Feb 01, 2018 · 400 sbc build Hi, I have a 1991 Chevy Camaro RS that has a 400 sbc in it. I have built two engines and I built both sets of heads, and the only difference is I am confident that both sets are correct in clearances and quality of parts. Chevrolet Performance service replacement cylinder heads are direct replacements on most 1990-and-later GM Big-Block 454-cubic-inch and 502-cubic-inch engines. 60 and 750 lift springs,7/16 studs and guide plates ,PBM valves and chrome retainers for 1325. With deck heights of 9. CSA. KB hyper Mar 01, 2008 · A run-of-the-mill stock iron small-block's intake ports might measure around 150cc. 814 three86 007four Don't need help selling . ) Hydraulic Roller 399/284 cfm +$2500/pr ( Heads at this price only when purchased with block or rotating assembly) JE/SRP High Compression Upgrade 14. The Race Ready version features 100% CNC ported intakes while the higher flowing Competition version features 100% CNC ported intakes with greater detail and higher flowing exhaust ports as well. 600” valves, 10 degree titanium retainers, angle plug. 248-362-1188. Jul 01, 2001 · World Products have been casting their own small-block heads and now they have a bigger better small-block head, Mo Town 220 cast iron cylinder head from Super Chevy Magazine. Kaase C-400, CHI cylinder heads. 5 exhaust Nice set of 882 heads . 3 inch intake valve throughout the lift curve. get the blocked decked,good set of heads(Pro-filer has a great budget head) with 10:5:1 compression with a nice hydraulic roller cam and those numbers can be easily reached! Proud owner of a 1984 Monte Carlo SS. 600 lift. We cut a cylinder head in half to verify the thickness and quality. Not sure what size to go with here as both heads are about the same price. 76@119MPH first pass off the trans brake. A 598 would use the 370CC version and a 502 would use the 290 or 320CC version. 640" 588hp/514ft. These heads will produce 1200HP. American made? 2. 95 Jun 11, 2012 · Hey guys, Im building a custom SBC 383 stroker. Along with these figures the heads also delivered a fat curve which meant plenty of flow from the 2. These reasonably priced AFR 210cc intake port small block Chevy angle plug cylinder heads are available in two stages of performance. Pro Filer Small Block Chevy CNC All American Heads with 235cc Intake Runner, 2. 408 SBC. 600 Bore +$250. Cylinder heads today, designed by non-engine builders, present many problems. head that flows monster numbers and makes great power. Based on AFRs recommendation, the AFR 210 Comp Eliminators. The Shafiroff 440ci small-block with SB2. Below are flow numbers for our standard Raylar CNC heads and our special-order CNC Extreme cylinder heads. BES/DART 10 deg LS; BES / CID BELS Heads; BES/Brodix BR7; BES / Edelbrock LS-R Heads The BRODIX IK 200 Pkg PT# 1021001 was Used on the Build-Up 200 cc Intake Ports 2. 600 Exh Valve 1. Small Block Chevy cylinder heads SBC 1. Pushing the horsepower envelope even further is an array of aftermarket heads from such manufacturers as Trick Flow, Dart, RHS, World Products, AFR, Edelbrock and Pro-Filer. Brodix Ik 180 or 200cc heads -As cast Bare pair $880 -Assembled $1200. 40 over) and I told my builder i would supply the heads for him. Back when you were in high school, double hump heads may have been pretty decent. Many uber-street-performance enthusiasts—aka street racers—still profess loyalty to the Chevy’s classic Gen I small-block. Creating the perfect fuel, air, and exhaust flow depends on the size and shape of. Inside the bore is a honeycomb fixture to measure "swirl" of the intake air as it exits the intake valve. Currently have a 383 9. Performance Racing Engines. block combo,s at the bottom end that i build myself. 700” exhaust valves that have 1. $1,161. Got mine from Chad Speier racing heads 6 years It is also worth mentioning that Trick Flow Specialties (TFS) offers an 18-degree head that is more affordable than other heads, while still delivering excellent flow numbers for a small-block head. 383 build in progress The Revolution head is designed to be used on a Stock Lifter Location Block and still offer the best valve train geometry of any small block head on the market. But if the excellent technology of the Chevy Profiler head crosses over to the Ford head, it is a great head. There hasn't ever been a more comprehensive, authoritative look at building a complete truck for street use that includes all the steps required to make it work. The Oil Pump - The Moroso pump and pan were selected solely on their ability to make the best when it came to HP and torque. 0:1 compression Motorsports Unlimited MSRP: $11,750. 30. If the AFR heads are too pricey, there are other options out there (pro-filer, pro maxx, blue print, etc). This kit includes everything to build a 540 CID performance street performance engine. Chad Speier did the heads. , casting # 1816687, No date code, sat for a very long time will need freshening up, sold as is $240. I run Profiler heads cast, machined, and assembled in Ohio. Now, they don't hold a candle to anything in a Summit catalog. Assy. These heads cover the range from 454 through 582 CU IN. Weinle MotorSports Sells the entire line of Pro-Filer Heads. Eagle Racing has 14 National Championships to our credit. These engines utilize BMP or Profiler heads with many packages fully CNC'd ports and chambers, World products blocks, PBM or Callies 4340 forged crank and rods, top of the line PBM/Morel lifters and Erson or T and D rockers, Erson cams, Edelbrock intakes, Canton or Milidon oil systems, Melling oil pumps and pickups, MSD distributor and plug Feb 22, 2009 · Re: Profiler SBC Heads? #7 Post by Rodms » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:21 am I bought aset of Dart pro 1 plaitnums today 215cc runners with 2. Big Block Chevy 540 Cubic Inch Street Strip Engine Package. CHEVY 350 — 406/425/440/460 HP 4 BOLT MAIN REDNIGHT / ORANGE NIGHT TURNKEY CRATE ENGINE High Performance with Aluminum Heads that do WORK! Built from one of our Dyno tested packages! Pricing:` Chevy 350 — 406 HP $4995 Chevy 350 — 425 HP $5195 >> featured in photos >>> Chevy 350 — 440 HP $5595** Chevy 350 — 460 HP $5995** SBC 400 to 427 CID AFR 220-235 Head Max power 6300 rpm Peak torque 3500. 200 145 110 76% 0. Trick Flow 445 HP Super 23 StreetBurner Top-End Engine Kits for Small Block Chevy Description: Everything you need for an engine makeover! Trick Flow(R) has done all of the homework for you with these top-end engine kits for small block Chevys. High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cylinder Heads is designed exactly like its predecessor, High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cams & Valvetrains, in that it starts with the basics and works into more in-depth concepts and variables in an attempt to uncover all those subtle nuances that make up the small-block Chevy. Specifications: Pages: 144 Size: 8. 514032 - JEGS Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads is rated 4. We design our own cylinder head ports and intake manifolds, also, doing our cylinder head porting in-house and sheet metal fabrication PROMAXX Performance Products specializes in all types of automotive cylinder head for any budget, carrying Performance cylinder heads, diesel cylinder heads and stock replacement cylinder heads. 1:1 We have sold many engines with these heads. 030" bore fixture. 060" Crank, Any brand, off the shelf. com or the September 2012 issue of Car Craft  14 Mar 2017 With a decent set of heads and a good cam, it was easy get to this power So while its possible to build a 500HP classic small block and even one far Could you imagine putting the profiler 210cc head on a 5. 400 . Must be off the shelf no custom built. 00 (max class displacment 305. Â They supposedly (based on published numbers by the companies and ChevyHiPerformance Mag's test) flow about the same, with Canfields a bit better in the . Warren, MI 48091. com We are currently working with Mike & Darrin over @ Profiler Heads with some designing/testing with there new street line of heads. o. Custom Kits Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads. Evans (he's working on them now) i'm hopeing for 500+ @ . Small Block Chevy Sheet Metal intake Manifold. Jon Kaase Prepared Super Cobra Jet Ford Heads. 119cc COMBUSTION CHAMBERSThis sale is for a set of heads (2 heads). Rules. Build a Natuarlly aspirated small block chevy, that will produce 600hp at the flywheel. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders - Promo Code: BUYNOW exclusions Profiler SBC heads Login Questions, 1. Jan 18, 2018 · To help you decide what big-block Chevy heads are right for you, we have assembled a guide that will help you make an informed choice. Re: best heads for sbc 327 01-01-05 09:28 PM - Post# 589226 In response to BB489 If you shop right, you can find a new AFR head for that price, and I definitely think the 4. ( Heads at this price only when purchased with block or rotating assembly) 345cc Dart Heads (if purchased with Rot. Intake Exhaust. What Im stuck on now, is what cam to get. 550? lift on a hydraulic roller cam, bronze guides, and 3/8? screw-in studs and BES / Pro-filer Air Strike 12° Heads - Flow Numbers: Intake: Exhaust. AFR 325 and AFR 335 heads are designed for 502-540 cubic inch applications Ferrea Racing Engine Valves and Components use the latest technological advances through the development of engine valve programs through racing teams. Detailed information about your planned engine build will help to ensure that you choose   Read all about the low budget upgrades we install as we build up our Chevy 350 small block engine. Head is sold individually 180cc intake runners 62cc exhaust runners 1. 400 range, which I think would be advantageous in a large engine (my 400 SBC) with a mild-ish cam (Crane 114681, 280/288 (244/252@. 20 Apr 2015 Come inside the Parts Pro garage as we take you through the installation of some of today's hottest performance products. Pro-Filer Performance Products Small Block Chevy All American Cylinder Head. 400 Intake 1. Not sure what size to go with here as both heads are about the same  25 Aug 2015 406 sbc with profiler heads Built Chevy 406 S-10 on Dyno Dyno Test SBC 23 Degree 850 Carb on Pump Gas - QMP Racing. he is replacing the double humps that came with it with AFR and wants to know how much power to expect, and what size heads to buy it is 12. 625 Double Springs and Titanium Retainers • ARP Head Studs • ATI SFI Balancer w/Billet Timing Pointer • Moroso Oil Pan, Oil Pump, Ignition Wires and Sheet Metal Valve Covers • MBE Profiler Sniper Cylinder Heads • MSD Billet Distributor • Jesel SS Series Rocker Arms • 1050 Dominator Carburetor • MLS 29 Oct 2015 Looking to buy some of the profiler 195 or 210 heads for a 355 sbc build. 26 bores for comparison. If you want to run just premium pump gas you need to keep the compression around 10. Bare heads NOS in boxes. Results: 0. What's up guys long time lurker finally pulling the trigger on my build. 125" Intake Valve and 1. 518 SBC 3970010 4 bolt main Punched . or Best Offer +C $46. With 210cc runners, these 23° heads would be the perfect foundation *See the photo of the internal cast quality. ” “They also have big-block Chevy Sniper and Sniper X, as cast and CNC 24-degree heads. . 850-1. 200 161 109. The ProMaxx Performance heads promised two things we love: plenty of flow and affordable pricing. 2 Deck $450. May 10, 2010 · We went with Pro Elite heads for our engine build for a couple of reasons. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. If you're building an NMCA Xtreme Street, 10. 200" 135 110 0. OK heads, but would not be my choice. 700 max lift. Chevy/GMC Trucks 1973-1987: How to Build & Modify If you're building a squarebody truck that you'd actually like to drive regularly, you've come to the right place. Variations include the option to take the motor to 415ci, 421ci or even 434 cubic inches if so desired My heads have been on many race winning cars to street hot rods. Pistons. No other BBC head even comes close. This guide to budget-friendly big-block Chevy heads will be limited to assembled units that are great choices for street and street/strip use, and are sold as a set for less than $2,500. 77". 5:1 compression Chrome oil pan, valve covers. I personally would not waste any money on "Vortec" heads either. Here is a rundown of the setup: 64 chevy II 355 sbc 010 4 bolt main block eagle forged crank Dec 19, 2019 · For small-block Chevys, they have heads ranging from 23-degree healthy performers all the way up to 13-degree, full-on performance, fearsome stuff. I do all things related to making engines make more power. 000” to 1. CID offers Performance Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds. Chapter 13: Chevy Big-Block Builds 132 Build 1: Edelbrock E-Street 133 Build 2: Entry-Level 496 134 Build 3: 482 Revisited 135 Build 4: UNO 525 136 Build 5: AFR 510 137 Build 6: AFR 572 138 Build 7: 496 EFI 140 Build 8: Pro-Filer Oval-Port 87-Octane 141 Build 9: 712 with Pro-Filer 12-Degree Heads 142 Source Guide 143 I plan a 400 inch Chevy small block build on pump gas and am getting conflicting opinions on which head to go with. I'm considering the Canfield 195 heads. 5. There's videos on youtube where a guy had the alumnun tested, and it was top quality stuff. com, the official website for Classic  . Nov 26, 2019 · In order to focus more on product development and manufacturing, Pro-Filer has named PBM Performance Products as the exclusive distributor for Pro-Filer cylinder heads. Looking to buy some of the profiler 195 or 210 heads for a 355 sbc build. This is all top of the line high end internals as well as all parts and not for your average bracket racer on a budget. 2. 02 with 70 cc chambers. Our cylinder heads and manifolds will blow the competition away! Cylinder Head Innovations (CHI) delivers championship winning Cylinder Heads and Manifolds, with proven quality and performance, available anywhere in the world at a price you can afford. The block and gasket of a non-400 SBC will block the holes. Jul 06, 2018 · Great GM history lesson, i have several 283, 327, 302 DZ engines and internal block parts Nos GM from a COPO Dealership that closed in NC. Custom Ford 6049 C-460 Heads. 800-. This is due to putting in a phosphorous bronze guide which is cheaper for the manufacturer to buy. Jan 23, 2013 · Level the head with the deck side facing up and drill the 3 holes that run parallel to the exhaust side of the head using a 1/8 inch drill bit. " - Circle track engine builder YOUR HOME FOR BIG POWER VFactor 23º SBC CYLINDER HEADS Oct 13, 2009 · In this engine tech article HOT ROD shows you how to build a 383ci small-block Chevy stroker engine for your hot rod or musclecar that makes 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft torque - Hot Rod Magazine Profiler 210cc 23 deg SBC head Flow Data: Lift Intake CFM Exh CFM % Exh/Int 0. Normally, we use the 195cc heads on the 406 but found the 220's suitable due to the cam size of this  Made from Pro-Filer's unique A356 alloy and featuring an unmatched port and chamber design, this head has what it takes to get you to the front of the pack. here is the challange. 540 Lift Int–. The full results of these flow bench tests are for DV’s current book project – that is Volume II of the big block Chevy series he is doing. 1. They are available fully assembled or as bare castings. Dec 19, 2019 · For small-block Chevys, they have heads ranging from 23-degree healthy performers all the way up to 13-degree, full-on performance, fearsome stuff. These castings are exceptional quality. 050) . I build engines but the thing I most love doing is cylinder head work. 375 offset which is typically used for 3/8 diameter pushrods with a on center lifter with minor clearancing. 2 heads is built with a budget in mind, using a chain drive, iron block and stainless-steel valves. 00 Components (see heads here) PRO-FILER heads are an option for a professional quality cylinder head produced from years of track testing and dyno research. 5:1 comp cast crank steel rods forged pistons. Ford Pro Stock HEMI Heads. 325" balancer big block chevy 565 cid (900 hp) drag race engine package, 9. 454 made 421 SBC 23º- 720hp (v2. 1969 3927186 single head dated A-27-9 $500 1969 3927186 single head dated F-3-9 Apr 02, 2020 · These heads were used during the '60s and '70s on various performance engines. Kaase Boss Nine Semihemisperical Cylinder Heads. Complete refurbished only 5000 miles ago . It features all of the machining, parts, and EFI system that is proven to make over 1,000+hp on 93-octane pump gas non intercooled! And 1200+HP Intercooled still on 93 octane This is perfect for your weekend warrior or street/strip muscle car. 600" 270 213 SBC 23 Degree Cylinder Heads Under $1100 fully assembled, ready to bolt on Available in 64, 70 and 72cc chambers Airflow Research 180 0. 245cc intake, 68cc chamber, Titanium 2. 500 374 245. Non-offset rockers and limitless hours of Spin-Tron testing back this claim. 05,1. 850 119cc combustion chamber Ready for Assemble 2500 Heads flow over 460 on In and over 325 on EX Completely Assembled with Ti Ret and Comp Cams Triple Roller springs to clear 1000 lift 3500, Ti Valves also available Call Mike For more Info 513-607-2592 353-1067 Cylinder Heads - Big Block Chevy. 700 500 358. 5:1 compression solid flat tappet , 550 lift, 250s@ 50 duration edelbrock single plane intake running e85 with an hp 950 carb The online store is currently closed for maintenance. 700 291 216 74% 0. 080"/1. 800” and 10. Small Block Chevy Profiler 23 degree . All of Pro-Filer’s heads will continue to be made in the USA for the small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy (in both conventional and spread-port designs), LS (with or without Oct 09, 2020 · This can give you an idea of what these heads are capable of on a 572 bbc engine build, set up to run on 100 octane fuel, with a compression ratio of approx. What I have so far: The short block is a . 600”, the Big M gives you the versatility to build a wide variety of engine combinations. Engine is 427 1992 tall deck block with a 4. We have complete Clay Smith valve train packages for the SBC and he can do a custom grind for the marine app. 400 flow -24 more CFM for 23 deg SBC head Profiler Performance Products 176-18P-04-93 - Pro-Filer Performance Products Small Block Chevy All American Cylinder Heads Cylinder Head, SBC 23 ° Series, 185, Assembled, As Cast, 64cc Chmbr, 11/32 Int/Ex. The head works in combination with the camshaft, induction and exhaust systems to determine how the engine breathes, the engine’s power curve and personality. all custom built to your application. Feb 22, 2009 · Re: Profiler SBC Heads? #7 Post by Rodms » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:21 am I bought aset of Dart pro 1 plaitnums today 215cc runners with 2. 2 Aluminum block, Bryant Crank, 5. Profiler 195's would support 500-550 naturally Cylinder Heads. 3 liter SBC  High Performance Aluminum Racing Cylinder Heads from the Engine Builder Steve Schmidt. All American CNC Ported Small Block Chevy 23 Degree Racing Cylinder Heads by Pro-Filer Performance 176X Series. We have numerous port designs available to match your exact specifications. 0 stk at 454 at 4. The build is as follows: Edelbrock Performer RPM #60899 64cc Head 170cc runners, 2. GM Truck Kits; Chevy SS, Pontiac GTO, G8 Systems; Camaro-Specific Kits; Corvette-Specific Kits; FORD-Specific Kits; Vortech Superchargers. 57cc, awesome budget aluminum heads, raise that compression!!! Ready to clean up and bolt on. General sizing guidelines: AFR 305 and AFR 315 heads are designed for 454-502 applications. These rocker arms use a one-piece solid stand and will work with 6. Compression ratio. The Demon Engines Low-Buck 454 Engine Build Part III - Dr. Parts Include: 320CC PROFILER SNIPER BIG BLOCK CHEVY 24 DEGREE CONVENTIONAL PORT HEADS Isky Springs, Retainers and Locks Manley HD Stainless Intake Valves Manley Inconel Exhaust Valves Nov 04, 2019 · BIG BLOCK CHEVY 300cc OVAL PORT ALUMINUM HEADS BY SPEEDMASTERFULLY ASSEMBLED, SETUP FOR USE WITH HYDRAULIC FLAT TAPPET CAMS UP TO 560 LIFT. These Aluminum heads have 190 intake runners! Aluminum heads with 185, 190, 200, or 210 intake runners are available; when you call you can choose the upgrades you want. Hand Ported - IK 195cc 2. Congrats to Troy Williams Jr. 300" 198 158 Not seeing how assault heads would be better. Im on a budget for heads so no AFR and yes i know they are the best. The heads he's talking about are made by promaxx, and from all the reviews and articles i've seen, they make some nice heads. We make header flanges for the first two designs. Will be a weekend cruiser and maybe use to spank some imports butts :lol: Bottom end is a 010 block with a eagles rotating assembly with -7cc pistons. This time with our 12º Raptor cylinder heads. 60? stainless valves, a 5-angle valve job, valve springs good to . May 16, 2019 · I'll be the first to admit that I don't know shit from shinola about Ford engines. AFR vs Brodix vs Dart vs Edelbrock vs TFS vs RHS vs World Products Small Block Chevy. 350 x 1. I've seen a ton of nitrous 383s around but not a whole lot of 396s nitrous or otherwise. To get the most out of your high performance SBC this is the head for you. Dart's 11° Little Chief CNC is the ultimate small block cylinder head. 200 flow – Near TIE 0. Sold individually. 5” EX $15 383 SBC 516 HP 521 TQ racy idle 87 octane Street Build starting at $2,820 (tri > morristown) Mar 04, 2013 · I'm trying to get some heads for my 408 sbc(400 . Its really just a 350 block that has been made to accomodate a longer stroke crank if you guys havent heard of it. Text me @ 512- six six three- 2469. Tricflow A-460 Heads. A mirrored valve configuration has been used with inline valves, this allows for a more compact intake manifold, which in turn makes for easier tuning and better Not a bad head for the price. 500-550hp capable on a 383 $1700 assembled for Hydraulic Roller up to . As good as the original Chevy head design was, things really started to heat up when GM engineers got involved in the Pro Stock wars in the 1980s. 12. 5 stk 541 at 4. A good stock head, such as GM's iron Vortec castings, will measure around 160cc, but can make more power. 700 . RFD 15 Degree BRODIX. The 245’s are available with two chamber sizes out of the box (70 and 80 cc’s) and can be milled anywhere from 60 to 80cc’s, if necessary. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders - Promo Code: BUYNOW exclusions The ProMaxx Performance Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads are manufactured from cast aluminum and are offered with straight or angled spark plug ports, a variety of intake port runner, combustion chamber and valve sizes to work on all of your performance engine builds from mild to wild! I'm going to build a 385sbc for my sisters 69 Camaro. Chevy Big-Block Builds Build 1: Edelbrock E-Street Build 2: Entry-Level 496 Build 3: 482 Revisited Build 4: UNO 525 Build 5: AFR 510 Build 6: AFR 572 Build 7: 496 EFI Build 8: Pro-Filer Oval-Port 87-Octane Build 9: 712 with Pro-Filer 12-Degree Heads. 6 Donovan 11. 1 product rating - Dart 127121 SHP Small Block Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Nov 15, 2020 · 1969 3927186 small block chevy heads dated E-20-9 and E-28-9 $850. Kaase P-38 Cylinder Heads "Pro-Filer" Big Block Ford Heads. 75 to 4. 5 X 11 (inches) Format: Paperback Illustrations: 367 color New Pro-Filer PT184 CNC Ported 520 Designed for 600-706 cid engines designed for 2. 200” and bore sizes up to 4. 0:1 At CHI we have a Ford cylinder head for every application. CNC Ported Heads. 600" Valves (Hydraulic Roller) $192. Please check back again later. overbore max . 750" raised exhaust runners, extra strong castings and thick decks for additional rigidity and gasket integrity, superior cooling characteristics, and most importantly, excellent airflow. The 383 that's in it I built in the late 80's, and I am gathering up the pieces to build a fresh small block for her. 1st $400 o. 00 H-beam rods w/ARP 2000 bolts JE pistons World or Dart aluminum heads Harland Sharp aluminum rocker arms SFI dampener COMP cam, lifters, and rockers Race rings and bearings Canton or Moroso oil pan Felpro gaskets ARP fasteners This engine package is based off of our LS3 engine build. 350 cu block. From United States. Deck Block: 427 CI 785 Hp nos avail $13995. 5 degree head with a 33cc combustion chamber. Trick Flow High Port® 192 cylinder heads are among the most dominant aftermarket small block Ford heads in racing. My name is Eric Weingartner I am the owner of Weingartner Racing LLC. 800 533 385. They feature unique valve spacing, . 500 Bore Center Aluminum Cylinder Head Cubed. We can build manifolds for any brand of big block Chevy cylinder heads. 400 315 230. All of Pro-Filer’s heads will continue to be made in the USA for the small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy (in both conventional and spread-port designs), LS (with or without Nov 17, 2020 · Chevy SBC Corvette Aluminum Heads - $400 (Kingsland) SBC Chevy Corvette Aluminum Heads. Seal, Hyd. J's Profiler Heads - Car Craft Magazine In Part III of our engine build, we build our own homemade turbo kit to test on our Demon Engines Low-Buck 454, using a 74mm Comp Turbo, Turbosmart 45mm Hyper-Gate wastegate, CSU 850 Holley carb and more. 020 Int Valve 1. Their value and tough build make them ideal for the harshest terrain. Important note. Designed from the ground up as a large cubic inch head with matching cast 4 intakes available the Monster is capable of 900+ hp with a single 4 And well over 1,000 hp with Nitrous. 6 intake and 1. We’ve included the Dart Iron Eagle 8. This is a great performance upgrade to standard Dual Plane intake manifolds for your 454 Big Block Oval port cylinder head application, Power range is between 15000 rpms to 6500 rpms. Only that the distributor is sometimes on the wrong end. Thanks for viewing my ad! sbc corvette aluminum heads (bakersfield) You don't need to spend a fortune to get a top-performing, lightweight aluminum cylinder head for your small-block Ford V8. Small Block Chevy Heads . S/ST S 10. If doing so I would disassemble them and make sure all the clearances are correct for your cam. Our fully ported cylinder head is perfect for those who are looking to get the most horsepower from a small block Ford racing engine. Rings • Brass Freeze Plugs • Pro-Filer Aluminum Heads • Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Roller Cam, Pro-Filer Alum. Symmetrical Port Big Block Chevy Heads & matching Manifolds, LS7 & LS3 manifolds, GenV LT1 Cylinder Heads, LS7 Cylinder Heads & SB Ford SC1 and SC2 Cylinder Heads and Manifolds. An easy way to gain 20-40 horsepower on any 1955 and newer Small-Block Chevrolet V-8 (except later-style LT1/LT4 engines with reverse-flow cooling) is by installing a set of Vortec cylinder heads. 18 degree Small Block Chevy Intake ProCharger Head Units and RaceDrive Kits; Chevy Cog Belt Universal Transplant Kits; CHEVY-Specific Kits. 02/1. 48 Jul 18, 2017 · Budd Trammell — Got some of Chads v2. 00,said it would take 2 days to build. AFR 210 cc $ 1,995. Jul 25, 2019 · Profiler Heads Super Stock / Pro Street and Modified Discussion 55-56-57 Profiler Heads - TriFive. *complete heads with port matched Holley 300-25 1970 Nova-383 Profiler-Econo 210's by Chad Speier, UDHarold 255/263. ARP is adamant about using a special moly lube or ARP thread sealer for use with their stud packages. 140”/1. I have built several DZ engines for restorations. Among Pro-Filer's latest cylinder head offerings is this 23-degree, "All American" aluminum head for the Small Block Chevrolet segment of the race and street performance market, featuring fully CNC ported ports and AFR 210 Eliminator Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads $ 1,995. 030bore no exhaust pipe: Intake-Exhaust This article from Chevy High Performance in June '08 documents 4 days on the dyno with 7 different Big Block Chevy cylinder heads to see who comes out top of the pack. O. 650 415 Jul 20, 2011 · 383 SBC stroker, 425hp/440tq @ the flywheel AFR SBC 195 aluminum cylinder heads, 74cc, straight plug Eagle 4340 crank, 3. 13. Our cylinder heads are cast according to FLOTEK design parameters and assembled and inspected at our facility in Evansville, Indiana. Quality? These will be for a SBC 383 build. Brodix 18X (18 Degree) Aluminum Heads – 1. 800 cam will be . (2. Select cast iron or aluminum heads from Dart, Brodix, Profiler, Mast, Noonan & All-Pro. 400" 245 180 0. Contact Dart NOTE 31: The SVO Cleveland Ford cylinder head manufactured with three different bolt patterns. Dart also has a 12. Pro-Filer Performance Products, New Carlisle, OH. 94” IN and 1. 30 over Aluminum Edelbrock E street heads Eagle stroker kit Forged JE flat top pistons Edelbrock aluminum intake Roller rockers 10. 040 over 4 bolt 010 casting. 750" stroke Eagle 4340 H-beam connecting rods Holley 650HP-based carb prepped by Bo Laws (BLP), Weekend Warrior Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, dual-plane, aluminum #2101 ATI Super Damper 6. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Edelbrock Performance Cylinder Heads are made in the USA, offering the best in quality and performance. 70PF/23º) NITROUS BUILD 421 SBC 548 BBC- 1908/1450 w/ported Pro-Filer and Hi- Helix Below you find a list of hand selected small block chevy dyno results from the Get your next pair of AFR cylinder heads at one of the below shops to be sure you in the combinations below please contact the shop listed with each build. I spoke to him and he has a excellent deal a on some 210cc Pro-Filer heads yet I have a well known and accomplished engine builder who prefers the AFR 210 heads. Cylinder heads are Brodix 12×12 Series castings, which have raised valve covers rails to clear large rocker assemblies, intake ports which are one-half inch taller than traditional small-block Chevy castings, and a tall short-side radius. 54" swirl-polished exhaust valves 58cc chambers Performance valve springs (. 200 . 31 Mar 2009 We are currently working with Mike & Darrin over @ Profiler Heads with Our first test was with a nice streetable 355 build that consistantly hits  15 Feb 2010 Are you building a street car, or an 8,000-rpm race engine? Our 227cc small- block Chevy heads flow 50 cfm more than our 180cc as-cast set of heads I did- called the Profiler Performance Sniper X 24-degree heads-had  9 Aug 2016 [*]GEN1 L82 SBC 350 (good bottom-end to build off of)- I'm looking to have [*] ATK's casting of the Profiler aluminum heads 64cc combustion  12 Jul 2012 We compare and contrast eight budget small block Chevy heads. on picking up the WIN and a cool $100,000 at the Spring Fling! Troy runs the Sniper X Heads and a Sniper Intake on his Steve Schmidt BBC 582. 800 . 00”. Great HOT Street 202 Heads!! This one is a real thumper, a real torque monster! Ask about our Fast Track Nov 26, 2019 · In order to focus more on product development and manufacturing, Pro-Filer has named PBM Performance Products as the exclusive distributor for Pro-Filer cylinder heads. The head fixtures: note the clay lip on the intake port, the 1 7/8" header tube on the exhaust side. 350-2. Your 400 could run even bigger heads. RM 24º Sniper-XL Fully CNC Cylinder Heads; RM 24º Sniper-X 355cc Fully CNC Cylinder Heads; RM 24º Sniper-X 375cc Fully CNC Cylinder Heads; Buying Cylinder Heads – Tips and Info; Dart BBC Pro1 345 Cylinder Heads; Dart BBC Pro1 335/355 CNC Cylinder Heads; Reher-Morrison 20º RM-20 BBC Cylinder Heads big block chevy 540 cid (750 hp) street strip engine package, 9. 830 lift (It will get a Lem custom cam) C460 single intake (fully The Ultimate Bolt-on Emissions Legal Street Weapon! The AFR Emissions Legal (versions from 1969-94 with heat riser, CARB EO #D-250-2), 195cc intake port small block Chevy cylinder heads are available in your choice of straight or L98 angle plug versions. This Flo-Tek head has a long list of high-end features, minus the hefty price tag. The VG2 is an in line 11 degree valve angle cylinder. 35 Min. SBC 23° PRO-FILER; SBC 15° DART; Big Block Chevy. These heads are a good choice for a 540CI engine. Heads with this bolt pattern can be identified by the "flat" casting area across the top of the exhaust port. Second, with the ability to run both stock-style valvetrain components and intake manifolds, this wouldn’t be a crazy high-dollar build, but would still be able to lay down some power. Guaranteed by Fri, Oct. 38 shipping estimate. See why Stainless Headers Mfg. Building Performance and Winning Combinations for over 40 Years! SBC 23° PRO-FILER · SBC 15° DART · VIEW ALL Small Block Chevy. According to Bill @ Oddys, and Rob Adler of A-Team Auto (Tinley Park, IL), my current combination of Dart 360 head with 14-71 B-Rotor at 35% over will make approximately 2000-2100 crank HP. SRH SBC "ECONO" Pro-Filer 23º 195/210cc . 2 days ago · Save sbc profiler heads to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 60 valves. Featuring a World Pro-Filer 320cc Sniper heads 118cc Chambers. I decided to start building a 355 SBC for a future 1978 - 1986 El Camino (I'm still looking for the right car). These CNC ported cylinder heads have the valve guides and seats installed with a full valve job including blending the seat back to the port. See more ideas about Summit racing, Holley performance, Electric choke. 8 exhaust will flow 560cfm on Intake 360Cfm on Exhaust will make 1300-1350HP on 632 depending on combo Contact Mike for More info513-353-1067 607-2592 DFW or FLW Files A Package of more than 2925 flow files for use with Dyno simulation programs. All American Manufacturer of Racing Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds Pro-Filer Performance Products P. Casting number "462" fuelie heads. 0 out of 5 by 2. Our user id is: skipwhite, and our store name is whiteperformance1. The 15 degree heads have a smaller combustion chamber and the valve notches in the pistons don't need to be as deep. 880 Exhaust If you were to search on google cylinder head comparisons on Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance magazine sites you will find clear and easy to understand head comparisons. 6:1 with 118cc, 4. American Made performance cylinder heads and intake manifolds. . Torqued the Heads to 70 ft-lb FEL-PRO 1003 Head Gaskets Stock Length Head Bolts With Washers STEWART Water Pump . Jul 15, 2011 · AFR’s SBC 245NPP Heads Available for Order Now! AFR is proud to announce the release of a new cylinder head, the SBC 245NPP (no pushrod pinch). 250 to 4. Spread Port Heads. C $1,126. Make sure your machinist addresses guide clearances for marine use. com These Heads Outflow AFR 210cc Call or Text 801-661-1511 Email [email Brand new cnc ported heads valved job 2. 550 lift) 130 lbs. 250 or 1/4 inch. These 195s are coming directly from Pro-Filer. We also did an aggressive 406 build with the 210 heads. The 12º Raptor is the big chief style spread port head. , Inc has the most complete header builder kit on the market. 900 Lift 587 CFM • Moroso Fabricated Valve Covers • ARP Big Chief 12pt Head Studs • Dart Valley Lug Kit • Cometic Head Gaskets. Rated 4 out of 5 by Thomas383 from Good for the price, but disassemble and clean them I give the heads 5/5 starts keeping in mind they are extremely reasonably priced for what you get. This engine is built for Drag Racing! Jun 26, 2018 - Explore Ryan Paulson's board "Engine Accessories", followed by 337 people on Pinterest. The increase lifter velocity maximizes the fill rate of these heads on large stroke engines from 3. 11. 500 283 206 73% 0. The head sits on a 4. Equipped with Titanium retainers and high quality components, featuring a 60/40 valve spacing which requires shaft mounted rocker arms for optimum valve train geometry (can be used with . 4,300 likes · 16 talking about this. Do plenty of research on your build and buy the heads accordingly. Super 23 195 heads are emissions-legal under CARB E. 600 405 267. They feature an oval intake port design that produces excellent low and midrange torque and horsepower, plus more efficient heart-shaped, CNC-profiled combustion chambers, . We offer 3 stages of kit combination options: Cylinder Head Type: Oval Port- Large PowerGap "HP" series Oval port intake for 454 Marine based engines. 8 to 1. If there is one category of smallblock heads that is best suited to performance street small-block Chevy engines, it is the heads in the 180 to 199-cc intake port volume zip code. These value-priced cast-iron cylinder heads use modified combustion chambers and high-velocity port technology to provide improved performance. Home / Engines and Short Block Assemblies / Chev Small Block / Performance Chev SB Complete Engines ATK, Chev SB 350ci Mid-Dress Engine, 375HP, 1-Pc. We have a complete race engine shop with everything done in house. The Brodix Dragon Slayer Heads, dragonslayer heads, we will be using Apr 02, 2012 · Engine Tech - Profilers vs afr for sbc 388 - Which head would be best for a sbc 388 stroker eng for street use in a 82 pickup. 900 1. Rods, and brand, any length as long as pistons avalible for size. 300" raised exhaust ports, extra-thick decks and walls for porting Dart 9 Degree SBC Head Optimal valve angle and intake port positioning achieve maximum potential air/fuel flow around the circumference of the valves, for ultimate power potential. Priced Per Pair. Brodix Head Hunter; 15° DART SMALL BLOCK CHEVY HEADS. I have found most steel heads offered today won't even make it off the dyno without wearing out the valve guides. These heads, coupled with a single plane intake, have made up to 823 horse power at 6100-6200 rpm with the solid roller cam mentioned below. 800 297 218 73%. These cylinder heads meet GM’s stringent quality standards and provide excellent service and durability not found in used cylinder heads. The dyno results are in! 825 HP out of a 421 cubic inch small block!!! I couldn't be happier with how this new drag Profiler Performance Products 176-19P-14-93 - Pro-Filer Performance Products Small Block Chevy All American Cylinder Heads Cylinder Head, SBC 23 ° Series, 195, Assembled, As Cast, 64cc Chmbr, 11/32 Int/Ex. takes them. PRICE $6,495 SSCE CNC Proprietary Ports Hand Finished 385-395 cc's SSCE Proprietary Valve Job Manley Stainless Steel Valves 2. 7/1 CR with the AFR heads used. 550 391 256. These heads are almost as good as AFR and better than the Edelbrock or NKB. We build bracket acing, comp eliminator, Pro Touring and Pro Street small block Chevy intake manifolds. My 383 uses 210cc heads with 2. 64,68, or 71cc chambers available. Splayed-Valve 4. Heads & Hardware: $7,460 • Brodix 14. With no fewer than 5 different styles of cylinder heads for everything from a mild street cruiser to 700+hp race engines, we can tailor a combination to suit your needs. We Start Every Custom Build Of Our Cylinder Heads With Brand New Dart Castings And Specifically Selected Components - These Heads Are Never "Factory Assembled"! These Newest Design heads have made a great head even better! We've seen a 10-15HP improvement over the originals. Price: $4,350 Price is for complete set. Many years of hardwork and dedication have earned Eagle Racing Engines a solid reputation of quality, performance and ongoing service after the sale. 11. spring Dart engineered the Big M to be the strongest, most reliable, and easiest to build big block on the market. Let’s use the 583 engine again. 1L cylinder head in both 4. 5:1 with aluminum heads. com, 1955 Chevy 1956 chevy 1957 Chevy Forum , Talk about your 55 chevy 56 chevy 57 chevy - Belair , 210, 150 sedans , Nomads and Trucks, Research, Free Tech Advice I guess i should have afew ports flown just to know, ive ported alot of heads over the years myself and just ran the track for testing. Following the step-by-step procedures is designed to simplify the mating of all the important com­ponents. PACKAGE- PS824 stainless valves. 375 Offset Intake This 2360 set is specifically designed for the Profiler 23 Degree head. 00 CFM 174 273 369 456 530 582 614 636 644 Exhaust . Undecided on a 396 or 383 sbc rotating assy. 400 316 208. Profiler Sniper BBC Intake 9. Fuel Injection w/custom sheet metal intake Chevrolet 15 degree heads CNC Ported Solid Roller 268* 272* @ . Small Block Chevrolet Compatible Heads. For Big Block Chevy w/ 12deg Pro-Filer Heads. Manley H Beam, ARP 2000 Bolts +$100 Along with these figures the heads also delivered a fat curve which meant plenty of flow from the 2. We switched to Aluminum heads for this build so these are for sale . Each head is CNC ported, hand tested and digitized to perfection before it leaves our facility. profiler heads sbc build